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We are asking the Public and all Supporters to please Help Mr. Rosby by collecting donations for his defense fund and so that he can finally get Justice! The fees associated with Mr. Rosby's defense do not come cheap! Every little bit that you donate to his Defense Fund helps tremendously!

Leon Rosby's Court Costs & Legal Fees

* Bail Bond: Cost: $30,000 - On August 13th, 2013 Leon Rosby posted bond that is costing him $30,000.
* Representation: Mark Geragos - Mark Geragos has represented some of the biggest celebrities and political figures to date... Can you imagine the fees this Attorney has!?

Donate to The Leon Rosby Defense Fund

100% of all donations to "The Leon Rosby Defense Fund" are used to pay for the various legal costs and fees associated with Mr. Rosby's case and/or ongoing cases in this fight for justice!

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