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Our Goals and Objectives

One of our primary goals and objectives is to bring awareness to communities across the United States of this tragic situation and others like it where it seems very clear that there were other options to control a situation without the use of lethal-force. What happened prior to the Officer shooting Max is not our focus for the sole reason that we believe this was not the only way to resolve the situation.

What's The Point? - Lethal Force Should Be The Last Option

The point is that we believe that there were plenty of alternate viable options avilable to the police officer to control the situation without the use of lethal force. Lethal force should be the absolute last option to control any situation when a police officer encounters a pet or any other animal while on duty.

It seems as though police officers can use lethal force on animals and pets whenever they want while on duty. Even if this use of lethal force on animals and pets by any police officer is legal when an officer feels threatened or is in fear of being bitten, this does not mean it is the only option to resolve the situation. Every police officer has pepper spray and the majority of police officers have taser guns. Both seem like they were reasonable choices that were completely disregarded by the officer that shot and killed Max.

Now What? - Our Aim & Intent

We will continue to fight for the pets and animals that we've lost who have no voice, no rights, and cannot speak for themselves. It is our aim and intent to bring awareness to these issues in the hopes of bringing change. There needs to be a new set of standard procedures in situations like these where deadly force is the last option for any officer to take. A new set of standard procedures that impose mandatory penalties, fines or even greater consequences for police officers who violate these rules and rights of our loved pets and other animals.

  • We will continue to bring awareness to our community and others throughout the United States of America of our story and beliefs.
  • We will continue to fight for a new set of standard procedures and options for police officers when dealing with pets and other animals while on duty.
  • We will continue to be the voice for the pets that we've unfaily lost to what we believe to be a clear misuse of lethal force and power.
  • We will continue to bring exposure to similar stories where people have lost their pets to the use of lethal force by police officers where no penalties, infractions, or fines were given to any involved officers or public officials.

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