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What You Can Do

We have received an abundance of letters and emails from people all over the world asking how they can get involved in our fight for justice or if there is anything that they can do to help. There are quite a few easy ways you can get involved, make a difference, and fight for the justice of Max and many other pets alike. Every small step that you take to get involved helps us tremendously. " We can collectively accomplish more as a group of concerned citizens than we will ever be able to accomplish standing on our own feet. "
- www.justice-for-max.com

Easy Ways for You to Take Action

We've outlined some easy ways for you to get involved below. If everyone contributes by following these simple, easy and effective ways then we are giving ourselves that much more of a chance to be heard and make a real difference.

  • Connect with us on Social Media Networks (learn more)
    This helps our story, cause and efforts reach more and more people every day.
  • Subscribe to Updates on our Website - Join the Fight for Justice (learn more)
    This helps us keep you informed with news about our progress and unites us in our cause.
  • Sign Petitions on Change.org (learn more)
    The more signatures we get the bigger the impact we can make.
  • Write a Letter to a Public Official (learn more)
    This helps more than you realize. The more that we voice our opinion to those in public office positions the greater chance we have of that person realizing the importance of the matter.
  • Make a Donation to our Cause or any Charity on our Website (learn more)
    Money Donated to our cause or any Charity on our website is donated in the rememberance of Max. Money donated is used to support various Animal Rights Charities and Foundations and the continued fight for Justice. It is also tax-deductable!

" Every voice counts, and every voice matters. Our voices will be heard through persistant dedication to what we believe in and a continuous effort to make a difference. " - www.justice-for-max.com

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